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Why we chose to train refugees in Samos, Greece

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

On June 10th, 2019, One Digital World will be begin training an inaugural cohort of 100 refugee women on the Island of Samos in Greece. For 90 days, these trainees will learn how to build a piper computer from scratch, develop basic english skills on Duolingo, and gain digital literacy skills through a Microsoft certification. This pioneer session will be led by our Executive Director, Casey Myers, in partnership with a Greek NGO, We Are One Samos.

Why Samos?

A May 2019 report by PBS noted that "on the Greek island of Samos, the [refugee] problem may be worse than ever." Two months earlier, another article by The Nation described Samos an "open-air prison" for all refugees, and for women in particular. There is a need to act now to address this situation.

By providing skills, networks, and certificates to refugee women while they are still in camps, we increase their opportunities for employment once they receive their asylum.


About Us

One Digital World uses technology to empower refugee women.

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