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One Digital World Statement on GSIC 2019

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

We did not win the Global Social Innovation Challenge (GSIC), but together, One Digital World will continue to change lives.

We entered the GSIC with the hope of raising enough seed funding to open a One Digital World location. While we have received guidance, exposure, partnerships, and gained so much from this experience and earned the University of San Diego Finalists level, we unfortunately did not place at the international stage.

Despite this setback, we believe we’ve come too far to stop now. Two non-governmental organizations, We Are One & Banana House, has contracted Casey Myers to come to Greece and build a computer lab and teach the One Digital World curriculum in Samos, Greece. Over 50 refugee women from Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and more have already registered to learn digital skills. Your support and encouragements have been priceless. Thank you! We want to continue this journey with you.

Together, we can empower refugee women to thrive!


About One Digital World

One Digital World uses technology to empower refugee women.

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