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Happy Holidays from One Digital World!

We have a lot to celebrate as 2020 comes to a close. ODW’s mission is to provide access to critical skill training for displaced refugees. In 2020 we did just that at a scale that surpassed our expectations and drove a wave of change worldwide. We incorporated in March and earned a public charity designation in May. Every donation to One Digital World is now fully tax deductible! As part of our further outreach and networking, we participated in the two social enterprise accelerators Torrey Project and Mission Edge and developed specialized partnerships, namely with Formally, Espacio Migrante, Embajadores de Jesús, and 7CTOs. In the second half of the year we organized our first two fundraisers and continue to share our mission through public speaking at events for Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, No Lost Generation UCSD, Geneva Center for Human Rights Advancement and Global Dialogue, as well as our social media channels and our new newsletter, which you are reading right now.

In the year ahead we will begin classes in digital literacy, English, and secondary education classes at our computer lab classroom in the migrant shelter and community center, Espacio Migrante in Tijuana, Mexico. We will also expand our reach and impact by setting up our second site in Tijuana. In addition to providing learning tools, we will be facilitating workshops in our computer lab classrooms that allow asylum seekers to virtually complete immigration forms and meet with lawyers. Providing safe and accessible resources to learn and prepare for the future is critical to making a difference in the lives of those with less advantage. We need your donation to continue to grow the impact.

When we bring educational opportunities and technology resources to those who are forcibly displaced, we are making the world a better place. Giving access to learning to create a positive trajectory for those in transition to their new country and community so that they are enabled to more quickly join the workforce and be self-sufficient. The benefits are numerous; a more diverse and capable society, a reduction in utilized social services, and a prepared workforce that drives stronger economies as the generational impact of education and earning compound, to name a few. By year's end, One Digital World will be setting the 2021 course to expand the reach with our first computer lab classroom established as the benchmark of success. We are looking forward to the continual growth of our offerings as the immediate and ongoing impact of your contribution adds up around the globe.

Please consider this time of giving to make a difference in the life of someone seeking to better themselves, experience basic human rights and opportunities to live and thrive.

Donate and make a difference.

Wishing you a merriest of holiday seasons,

The One Digital World Family

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