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Displaced: Worldwide and in the U.S.

We cannot say it often enough: The number of displaced individuals and families increases around the world every year. Somewhere, someone, every day, has to make a life changing decision. Their current situation is no longer safe, and the danger is too big to stay. For some, escape has been a long time coming. They gathered resources, even made a plan. Others flee impromptu, pack whatever they can grab and get out. Many are forced to leave jobs, studies, crafts, even loved ones (dear friends and family members) behind. Things which defined their existence up to that point. No matter which scenario is the case, people around the globe set out to find a better, safer life. By the end of 2020 that number reached 80 million, a new record high.

Of these 80 million, less than 1% will head for the US border and even fewer will be accepted to enter the US legally. In our article "Asylee or Refugee? In the U.S., Your Status MATTERS" we portrayed the importance of status in the US. The following infographic visualizes some of the numbers that surround the issue.

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