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Casey Myers flies to Greece to implement the ODW program for Glocal Roots & Action for Education

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

If I tell you that a changemaker is traveling to empower hundreds of refugees on another continent, you imagine her dragging dozens of suitcases at the airport. But Casey Myers, the creater and director of One Digital World program, is (to say least) a light packer. One backpack full of clothes and books and that’s it: she is ready to open the Glocal Roots/Action for Education Computer Lab in Samos, Greece. One thing that’s not visible, however, is the thousands of preparation hours that were necessary to make this happen.

Since February 2019, Casey Myers has been coordinating with the organizations in Greece and working on various aspects of the program. She developed a flexible curriculum that will enable women to learn digital skills as well as English language skills, even if they are resettled. She had multiple meetings with the University of San Diego and was able to seal an agreement that ensured that graduates would obtain university transcripts from USD. Casey has been coordinating with Glocal Roots, to track registration of women, availability of a computer lab, as well as a daycare provided by The Nest to host children of refugee women while they learn. Momo Bertrand, our Director of Marketing, has been working to keep our communications on point.

Now, Casey will build up the lab and plans to start the inaugural class on Monday, June 24th, 2019. We thank you for your encouragements and are grateful for your continuous support.


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