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5 Hiking Tips for One Digital World’s Hike-a-thon

5 Hiking Tips for One Digital World’s Hike-a-thon

As you may be aware, as part of this year’s Giving Tuesday, One Digital World is encouraging its followers to raise money through sponsored hikes. But in many ways, this is more than just a fundraising event, for too long this year, most of us have been cooped up at home, finding time to go outside and go for a good hike, away from the hustle and bustle of every-day life can be a great experience. So we are encouraging as many people as possible to go out and enjoy nature.

Though due to lockdown, it's easy to be out of practice. So whether you want to get back into a hiking routine or are new to hiking, here are some top hiking tips to get you ready for Hike-a-thon.

1) Dress and pack correctly

In many ways, how enjoyable your hike is, is dependent on the quality and condition of your clothing. New gear isn’t always better, in fact testing out a new pair of hiking boots can be a bad idea and lead to severe discomfort and strain unless you take the time to properly break them in beforehand, in which case a good pair of shoes can be your best friend on the trail.

Consider bringing a basic first-aid set (with blister treatment), a multitool, enough food, layers for heat, wet weather clothing and a covering for your backpack.

Also, be sure to bring plenty of water, you’d be surprised how much you can go through, in fact its recommended to consume somewhere between 3 to 6 ounces of water per mile you walk.

Taking food like trail mix and even hard-boiled eggs (keep it airtight by packing it with the shell on) can give you the energy you need to keep going through even the most strenuous hike.

One Hiker didn't get the memo

2) Choose the trail right for you

Everyone’s fitness levels are different. I recall one day, I was struggling to walk up a steep hill in the English countryside, as I stopped for a ten-minute break, I noticed I was swiftly overtaken by someone who seemed entirely unaffected by the climb.

If you haven’t been hiking or exercising for a while, select a trail that has less elevation or is considered relatively comfortable and easy to do.

Research your hiking route to find out how difficult it is, pay attention to the sort of terrain you’ll be walking on, the elevation, and the distance. Hiking is a great and healthy activity, but pushing yourself too far or too hard makes what should be an enjoyable activity a difficult chore and worse, can hurt for days. The more you hike, the fitter you will become, and you’ll find yourself tackling routes and trails that would have once seemed insurmountable. This sense of achievement is a powerful experience but cannot be gained in your first attempt.

3) Check the weather

We’ve all heard horror stories of groups of hikers getting caught out by an unexpected storm or blizzard and having to be rescued. To limit the chance of this happening to you, it's important to check the weather for the day and time of your hike, as well as consider the weather over the past few days.

It is also a good idea to check the temperature, running out of water during a hike on a hot day can be quite dangerous.

4) Company

Hiking alone can be a meditative, relaxing activity and some things are best when shared. Walking with a group or a close friend can make a hike all the more meaningful and enjoyable. There is something about fresh air and exercise that encourage great

conversation and human connection, something important given the isolation of the past few months. It is also easier to socially distance when outside, so even during the pandemic, you can enjoy a social environment which is hard to replicate in a busy city.

5) Let people know where you are going

Telling people where you are hiking and when you are likely to return is a key safety tip. The vast majority of hikes happen without incident and are pleasant experiences, but if the worst happens it can be good to have the peace of mind which comes from knowing that a friend or loved one would be able to sound the alarm and send rescuers in the right direction if you fail to return. Of course, the chances of this happening are exceptionally rare. But it is always worth considering if you are going off the beaten track.

With the above in consideration, you should be ready to head out to enjoy the great outdoors.

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