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Refugee empowerment


Asylum seekers need your support now. Donate today and bring positive change to someone's future.
Refugees struggle to integrate after relocation

In the first half of 2022, 100 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations. That was an increase of 10.7 million people over the previous year, and the world's forcibly displaced population remained at a record high.

Once refugees and asylum seekers are resettled, barriers prevent access to the workforce and community integration.

Our Solution: 
Digital Training

One Digital World connects refugees worldwide with education that is essential to their integration.


We do that by building computer labs in refugee camps and shelters where we provide employable skills training, certifications, and a virtual support network.


By gaining computer and internet literacy, conversational english and secondary education students are empowered to join the workforce and be self-sufficient, in a new country and culture upon resettlement.

Key Focus


Access public health information, doctor and medicine vocabulary in English, and how to navigate the US medical system.


Learn essentials of computer and internet knowledge.

Learn reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English from anywhere.


Earn certificates to show employers, create resumes, and learn to job hunt online

Legal Support

Assist with digital asylum application access, facilitate virtual legal clinics, and support asylum seekers in connecting with legal groups.

Any Student Can

Any Student Can is One Digital World's community of monthly givers, investing in bettering the lives of refugees and asylum seekers through education. By joining Any Student Can, you are helping refugees facing protracted displacement integrate into the American workforce. JOIN TODAY.

There Is Power In Community

Student Testimonials

“I learned many things in the computer classes. I was excited to take the course and learn the skills I needed to get a good job. I made an email account and a resume and now I work at the gym. In my job, I assist the front desk person with signing up members in the computer, which I can do thanks to the course.” --Angélica (Guatemala, mother)

"I have worked in a construction materials store for four years ago, most of the clients are American; before my classes I was very afraid to attend an American because of the language barrier. In addition, I could not answer calls to clients who ask for materials by delivery since it was very difficult for me to understand everything.


Since I started the classes I asked the teacher to help me with some phrases that I could use to attend to customers personally or by phone. I can give my testimony that now it is easier and more practical for me to attend to clients. I am very satisfied because most of the clients leave happy for the attention I give them. I can only give a thousand thanks. To the people who have the opportunity to take these classes should, it will be of great blessing to their personal lives, work, and everything else.” --Henoc (El Salvador, father of three)

“On the first day of digital literacy class, I was so excited and nervous that once it began I had to turn off my camera because I started crying. I had not been able to attend much school before in my home country and I took my studies with ODW very seriously. I graduated from my digital literacy class and continued on to take ESL where I never missed a class and because of my consistency, hard work, and attitude, I made it to the top of the class!” --Nayeli (Mexico)

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